Interfil is seeking a new way of doing business. The active and conscious involvement of any member of the company or anyone collaborating with it is necessary to make the company open, transparent and dynamic.


New product R&D is an integral part of the continuous improvement programme of Interfil, based on the purpose to meet customer needs. We are continuously evolving in relation to development of alternative fibres and new manufacturing technologies. University laboratories and research bodies are helping us to carry on our ideas as well as those of our customers. We are able to plan and develop your ideas.CERTIFICATES
Interfil pursues modern management of food quality and safety; for this reason, it works pursuant to regulations for packaging material intended to come into contact with food and has obtained the following certification:

  • Health Certificate
  • Halal Certificate

Further our products are validated with the following documents:

  • Analysis-Migration tests BY ACCREDITED LABORATORIES
  • Confomity declaration
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Moreover, Interfil is present in world markets in a transparent and ethical way; since it is part of the SEDEX platform, it is able to
reach this goal.

  • SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).

SEDEX is a not profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvments in responsible and ethical business.


Interfil is constantly monitored on the responsibility of ethics and conduct through SMETA audits (Sedex Members Ethical Trade
Audits) and all suppliers, customers and business partners are directly involved.

Our departments and premises have been planned to manufacture yarns for filter bags in compliance with all the regulations on
the hygiene of products possibly getting in touch with food.
All our products are manufactured in an environment that follows all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) process requirements
and protection against the occurrence of food security risks.
From Quality Management System we can assure you:

  • dedicated Personnel responsable for product safety;
  • GMP procedures;
  • traceability;
  • HACCP system;
  • corrective Action;
  • shelf life system;
  • FIFO system.

Interfil strives to reduce environmental impact by means of a system monitoring energy, water and waste loss and follows the European Directive EEC 94 / amended “Packaging and packaging waste” 62.These guidelines concern the inclusion of requirements related to the environment in the design and manufacture of packaging. It protects the environment by supporting and proposing Organic Cotton 100% (where the use of synthetic pesticides is not allowed) and 100% PLA Ingeo (Bio-polymer made from sugar source and completely biodegradable).